Dairy Cattle Judging

Teams and Eligibility
Event Description —
Example of Past Contest Dairy Cattle Judging Rules from Kansas State University (2017) 

The contest will consist of a minimum of six (6) placing classes of cows and heifers. If possible, additional classes may be added for a maximum total of eight (8) placing classes. Contestants will be required to defend their placings with four (4) sets of oral reasons. Oral reasons sets will include one or two heifer classes and the balance will be cow classes.

Teams will consist of four (4) members who will judge and give reasons. The three high individual scores will be totaled to determine team scores. Two individuals may participate beyond the members of the team, but team members must be declared prior to the contest. If extra individuals participate, they must declare in advance if they want to be eligible for individual awards, keeping in mind that competing for awards makes them ineligible for participation on a NACTA dairy team in future years. Extra individuals must pay full registration fees.



All contestants must be currently enrolled in a two-year or a four-year institution and pursuing an undergraduate degree. A competing individual may not compete in this contest if he/she has participated as a scored, official contestant in a national NACTA Dairy Judging contest in any previous year in the same division. If he/she previously competed in the two-year college division, he/she may compete once more in the four-year college division.
  1. There will be a two-year college division and a four-year college division. Both divisions will evaluate the same placing classes. Awards will be given separately by division.
  1. No member of any team or their coach shall be allowed in the cattle barns nor have the privilege of inspecting any cattle at the NACTA 2017 contest prior to the contest.
  1. The Superintendent shall supply contestants with the scantron forms necessary for placing The only materials contestants may take into the ring are a pencil, a clean note pad and a clipboard, which contestants must provide. No other books or materials shall be allowed.
  1. Ten (10) minutes will be allowed for placing classes where no reasons are required. Fifteen minutes will be allowed for placing and taking notes for oral reasons classes.
  1. Reasons classes will be designated prior to the start of the contest.
  1. Oral reasons, to be given on the afternoon of the day of the contest, should not exceed two minutes in length. Contestants will not be allowed to use notes during oral reasons.
  1. There will be NO conferring between contestants and/or coaches during the contest (placing and reasons). If contestants are observed talking they may be eliminated from the competition.
  1. Contestants cannot wear any items such as hats, belt buckles, or anything that personally identifies an individual or members of the team. Contestants will not be allowed to wear hats while placing classes.
  1. Contestants shall NOT at any time place their hands on any animal.
  1. Cattle will be shown loose or tied depending on availability.
  1. Four sets of oral reasons will be required. At least one reasons set will be heifers.
  1. All placings, cuts and reasons scores provided by the official judges will be final.
  1. Tie Breakers:
  1. If a tie exists for individual or team overall awards, the contestant or team having the highest overall reasons score will be awarded the higher placing.
  1. If a tie exists in reasons, the contestant or team having the highest overall placings scores will be awarded the higher placing.
  1. The Superintendent’s announcement of all individual and team placings will be final.