Global Learning in Agriculture Conference (#GLAG)

Five Frequently Asked Questions about GLAG

  1. What is GLAG?  GLAG is an online professional development experience with both “Live” and “On-Demand” sessions throughout the week of January 28th.  Resources and best practices are shared to help global learning occur in your program/classroom. Everything is recorded to help folks have access when they have time (but it is really fun to interact in live time). Fun fact: In 2018, we had an impression on 1,121,917 twitter accounts with the conversation about #GLAG18 (I was excited to surpass one million account seeing global learning in agriculture!). Here is a link to check out the conference program from last year.

    GLAG19 Promotional Flyer 003

  2. Is this just a Penn State Thing? No! Naturally, we are proud to have taken the leadership to create this event 5 years ago (and see it grow), but there is no way we can do something this awesome without great global learning partners. While we are still confirming partners, in addition to our two title sponsors (PSU Extension and the Center at Penn State), we are joined by partners from a mix of academic institutions, industry, and non-government organizations/non-profits including: Adventures by Thor; CELA-Belize; Hunger Solutions Institute at Auburn, Hawkeye (IA) Global Agriculture Learning Center; Iowa State University; Michigan State University, Murphy/Carpenter Design; The National FFA Organization; Nutrients for Life Foundation; Purdue University; Texas A&M University; University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and The World Food Prize.

  3. Is this just for secondary agriculture teachers? No, This is for any educator, at any level, in any context who are curious about advancing global learning in their programming.  Last year, we had 144 registered participants (many were holding watch parties with multiple individuals), representing 120 different institutions from 34 states and 6 nations!

  4. Why? Who cares about global things? It is funny how hard it is for me to succinctly put this into words. I have spent quite a bit of energy in the past decade building around this topic because I believe it can be so crucial to the thing I am most passionate about: school-based agricultural education. Why am I passionate about agricultural education? Because I agree with Norman Borlaug that Food is Moral Right. I believe that youth will be ones with the creativity to solve these wicked challenges of Food Security. I believe educators are the key to helping youth access their potential. I believe in #AgEd4All; thus, I believe in global learning to advance cultural literacy to do all those things above! (whew)

  5. How can I be involved? Register and Engage in the Conversation- There is strength in numbers. We do have 100 All-Access Passes [$50] (Conference-in-a-Box) and they are flying off the shelf. We also have the Digital Pass [$25]. Both are super great values that are purposefully provided at a lower cost point than other professional development options on the market by the great support of our partners to ensure access!.