The NACTA Nominating Committee is pleased to present the slate of candidates approved by the NACTA Executive Committee for this year's election of NACTA officers. Candidate information is posted to our website in alphabetical order.

Members of NACTA are asked to review the candidates' qualifications listed on the NACTA website reached via the link below and to thoughtfully consider the course each candidate would take to achieve our NACTA goals as discussed in their respective personal statements. On March 16, 2022 the electronic ballot from Association Voting will be activated and voting instructions will be emailed to you.

Finance Committee Member (1-Year Term) Candidates

Logan Britton
Kansas State University

Britton Logan

NACTA Involvement

2022 NACTA Journal awards reviewer; 2022 NACTA conference abstract reviewer; 2020 NACTA Graduate Student Teaching Citation; NACTA National Conference attendee (2020, 2022)

How NACTA would benefit from Logan's Leadership

Being an agricultural economist, I have a natural tendency to be financial minded. While my time in academia has been short, I have taken and taught courses with agricultural finance topics. In one of my civil organizations, I served as a treasurer for two years. This required me to maintain semi-annual budgets, oversee revenues and expenses, and communicate with other officers on our financial position. Being a junior faculty member, I see this as an opportunity to not only combine my passions of teaching and finances but also start my involvement in an organization with a great legacy that I want to contribute toward.

Cheryl Wachenheim
North Dakota State University

Cheryl WachenheimNACTA Involvement

Cheryl has been a proud member of NACTA for over twenty years. Her participation has helped her grow as a teacher, colleague, and leader. She has been a regular attendant and presenter at conferences in the intervening years and has become an active contributor to the organization, gaining so much in inspiration, ideas, and support from the NACTA community. She just completed her term as the North Central Region Director and has also recently served as a NACTA Journal article and abstract reviewer, and on the Program Planning and Awards Committees. She has served on Ad Hoc committees such as the Visionary Committee and the Finance Committee. She loves everything NACTA and has been a strong proponent of the organization since the beginning of her academic career. Cheryl is excited for the opportunity to represent the membership in serving on the finance committee.

How NACTA would benefit from Cheryl's leadership

For Cheryl, it would be a great honor to continue to serve in an organization that has been such a big part of her life. In addition to her love for NACTA, Cheryl teaches agricultural finance and is well versed in banking and finance. It would be great to put this knowledge and experience to use for NACTA and be part of the finance team. Thanks for the consideration.

Art Wolfskill
Sam Houston State University

Wolfskill ArtNACTA Involvement

Active member for over 10 years. My first NACTA conference attended was Penn State in 2010. I have served as a journal reviewer for many years, and in several appointed positions..

How NACTA would benefit from Art's leadership

As an Agribusiness Associate Professor teaching advanced finance courses each semester, Dr. Wolfskill has a great understanding of budgets and how business finance works. He can help NACTA in seeing the big picture regarding finance in the organization, as well as handle the detailed intricacies needed in advising the leadership team.