Active Membership for 4-Yr Institutions
Any student receiving instruction in regular courses in agriculture may be initiated into membership provided that the student has fulfilled the following requirements:
  1. Completed at least nine (9) semester hours, or its equivalent, in agricultural courses, including credit transferred from other colleges or universities.
  2. Completed at least forty-five (45) semester hours of college courses, or its equivalent, including credit transferred from other colleges or universities.
  3. Rank not lower than the highest thirty-five percent of their class (sophomore, junior, and senior) in general scholarship, and shall have completed at least three semesters or five quarters of the college course.
 **Additional requirements or considerations are given within the Delta Tau Alpha “Constitution and By-Laws.” 

Complete and Submit Application Below

   Send a check ($25/member), payable to National Delta Tau Alpha, to the National Executive Treasurer, Jim Baier, at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  Note: Certificates will not be processed until membership dues ($25/member) are received.

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     The Fall Initiation deadline is October 1st and theSpring Initiation deadline is March 1st.

   Payment received after October 15 will be processed in March and payment received after March 1 will be processed in October.