Eligibility, Duties, and Vacancy of National Offices
Section 2. Duties of National Officers


A. PRESIDENT. The National President shall preside at all meetings and functions of the SOCIETY and act as chairperson. This officer shall chair meetings of the National Council, be an ex-officio member of all committees, and be vested with those powers usually incumbent to this office. The National President shall send out a monthly newsletter to each chapter. In the absence of the National President, a Regional Vice-President shall preside and if this officer is also absent the next highest officer shall preside.


B. REGIONAL VICE-PRESIDENTS. Responsibility for assuming presidential duties, chairing the
program committee and performing national convention functions shall rotate annually among the Eastern, Midwestern, and Southern Regional vice presidents in that order. Each vice president shall communicate frequently with chapters in the respective region and provide assistance in carrying out the President's duties.


C. SECRETARY. The National Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the National Council, all National Conventions, and all called meetings of the SOCIETY. The National Secretary will be responsible for all correspondence that is necessary to fulfill the plans of the National Council.


D. PARLIAMENTARIAN. The National Parliamentarian shall be responsible for seeing that parliamentary procedural details are not overlooked, for anticipating parliamentary strategy, and for being certain that all parliamentary requirements are observed. This officer is to aid and advise the National Council, committees and members on rules of parliamentary procedure. The Parliamentarian is to assist in planning for meetings and convention, and advise on the problems that arise in carrying out the decisions of the membership. The Parliamentarian should further cooperate with the President in whatever way the presiding officer requests or finds helpful.