The capacity for effective utilization of technology is increasing in importance in the scholarship of teaching and learning practice in agricultural education. There is scarce literature exploring students’ perceptions of the use of digital assessment tools (DATs). This study aimed to explore the experiences and perceptions of graduate students enrolled in a teaching and learning course towards DATs while investigating how the experimental active learning space impacted the way participants experienced DATs. Participants were divided into two focus groups, which, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were conducted via Zoom. The research used phenomenology as the qualitative approach to answer the research questions. Thematic Analysis was utilized as the method of data analysis. Participants experienced DATs as new opportunities to enhance their assessment practice in educational settings. While recognizing the advantages of DATs, participants perceived new challenges in implementing them, particularly concerns over technology requirements. Participants reported a mixed educational experience in the new classroom. Whereas some participants felt the space was overwhelming and confusing, some students considered that the experimental classroom features made the space more collaborative. Finally, utilizing DATs in an experimental classroom was experienced as a new and enhanced way to adopt assessment tools.

Keywords: Preparing the Future Professoriate, Assessment, Active Learning, Digital Fluency

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