The rapid shift to online teaching during the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly impacted the teaching and learning experiences of post-secondary faculty and their students, respectively. This study aimed to explore how faculty in a college of agricultural sciences responded to the abrupt change to online instruction during the Spring 2020 semester, specifically regarding assessment practices. Interviews were conducted with 26 faculty using a basic qualitative approach. Assessment-related themes that emerged included: impacts of shifting from face-toface to online instruction, technology limitations, and shifts in faculty perspectives regarding assessment practices. Lessons learned highlighted the importance of student engagement, such as providing incentives and practical changes to assessment, and breaking up assignments into smaller components. Students with limited resources, especially those lacking adequate internet access, require consideration when planning assessments, and perhaps, assessments should be less time sensitive. Overall, participating faculty no longer viewed their approach to assessment as being set in stone but instead were much more willing to change things if it was in the students' best interests. In conclusion, the results of this study emphasize an urgent need for faculty training in online assessment best practices.